Posted by: Orlick | January 23, 2008

Nelson Grocery and Deli – Farmingdale, NY

416 Conklin St
Farmingdale, NY 11736
(516) 755-9778
Nelson Grocery & Deli

Category: Grocery

This block has at least 3 Latin American delis within a mile radius which prove that Farmingdale is just a wonderful neighborhood.

Do any of them really have names? This one, I had to almost squint to find it, was ‘Nelson’s’. Nelson’s. Nice to meet you, Nelson.

They are a grocery store with many of the latin foods you may associate with the area. It is a little cramped in the market section, but who cares? They don’t. Maybe not super cleanl either. I haven’t taken advantage of the grocery yet (other than the mexican cokes!), only perused briefly.

I go for the hot foods at the counter. I have never been disappointed here. They have a very diverse assortment of hot foods at all times. There are at least 6 main dishes with sides and soups. They will usually have a couple of chicken dishes with peppered sauces in them, chicharones, great moist yuca, sliced platanos, pork, tripe, and other meats in the juice . And oh! the soups are glorious! Sooo hearty. Salt? yeah, theres friggin’ salt in there. So what? They helped me get rid of my cold when I needed it the most.

The workers know very little english, but this place makes it very easy to just point.

6 dollars gets you a dish that is enough for 2 meals. Rice, beans and a focal point – whatever you want. They usually have a system in these Latin delis – like rice and beans and one meat for 5, 2 meats for 6, and so on. I saw it once laid out for me in Freeport, but in general I just pay what they ask (not always the same).

I love Farmingdale!


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