Posted by: Orlick | January 18, 2008

Vegetarian Week – My new shoes

One of the conclusions I am coming to is I want to reduce my meat footprint and also not make the meat eating so casual.

A solution I’ve been trying this week is to only allot myself 5 meat meals a week. This may work out, but it has some repurcussions I hadn’t anticipated.

I am a miser by nature. When I was younger, I wouldnt save for anything, I would just save. Many times my gift cards expire without ever using them. I usually have extra at the end because by that time, I no longer care about such a thing.

With this 5 meat meal per week, since Monday I have only used up 2 meats. Once on Tuesday when I had chicken salad that my mother was making. Today I went to a Jamaican takeout in Huntington, Dudleys ( I have to go back next week to get their address and number, they are completely off the map ), and got chicken stew and a jamaican beef patty. I did savor the meat, and that turned out really well – I was very excited to have it, and I was only having the most delicious.

What I am getting at is that I doubt I will use 5 every week. I will always save because potential in my mind is usually better than what is presented to me and I cusomarily reserve a place in my weekly palate for that.

Another pitfall is that today I overdid it with the beef patty. I figured I will only use 1 ration for the meal, so I might as well go crazy. I did and hours later I am still full to my throat.

5 meat meals is actually a lot. Thats nearly one a day. That doesnt seem that hard at all. I have never been able to relax. Do I need this mindfuck? My lower body is feeling better though, I remain committed to a new system to be cemented later.


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