Posted by: Orlick | January 13, 2008

Vegetarian Week – Day 6 – Is this Lent?

I always think religions are rooted in goodness. A lot of the traditions are made just to keep people in check and to make it so they can pass on positive rituals. Most people don’t think of them and just do it, but don’t take a step back to appreciate what they are doing.

I started giving thanks at meals about 2 years ago. Not every meal, but when I remember. If you do something at every meal, it regulates you. It’s a reminder, a rubber band around your tonsils. It is such a positive thing to do to step back and appreciate what you have.

This week I am thinking, ‘Is this Lent?’ Was lent created when people gave things up to experiment with other things and challenge themselves as a part of growth? In that way, I appreciate Lent and religions.

For a snack today, I went to Ruthies on Dekalb and had a vegetarian plate with mashed potatoes, collared greens, candied yams and black eyed peas plus corn bread. it was great.



  1. Vegetarian lifestyle is awe-some ! : )
    extremely fulfilling

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