Posted by: Orlick | January 11, 2008

Your Day in Williamsburg

Gail, you are going to spend a day in Williamsburg. You are considered hip in Chicago, and you want to see what the big deal is about in billyburg. That’s cool. I’m sure you will have a great time. Unfortunately me and your other NY friends refuse to accompany you there. Oh well. Here is a great list of things to do when you are in Williamsburg.

You said there are no good thrift stores in NYC. Gaily, you just havent been to any. You can start your trip off at Junk on N9th off Driggs. Straight out of the park. You can park at the park too just to be ironic and fit in. The locals LOVE irony. I never knew the name of the place actually…. You can get some vintage colored maps there. There was a big tub full and all for 1 dollar. I have never seen a NYC one though (not that you may care), if you see one, I’ll pay you back. Seriously. Get them all actually. I am always destroying them.

Head upstairs and check out Buffalo Exchange for nicer clothes. That’s a reseller though, so it’s only a find if you claim it to be.

This is no salv, but you might be interested in Beacons too. I’ve never been successful there, but you may fall in love.

Are you eating breakfast or brunch? consider Cafe 180. If not, there are a lot of little early sunshine cafes and bakeries all over Bedford and Whythe. I cannot attest. I have eaten brunch a few times in my life. The word makes me think of yuppies and I cringe.

Bedford is the main drag, but things are still happening on Driggs, Berry and Whythe. I wouldnt venture further than S4 and going east past McCarren Park will get you into Greenpoint territory, taking the hipness right out and replacing it with Polish ethnicity (yuck!). Here is a map to refer to.

Hip a bit, but still awesome is Spuyten Duyvil. They have a ton of interesting beer, but piqueing my interest is the cheese dishes. Oh, you dont eat cheese. nevermind. If they have the beer garden open, that may be quaint.

Sea is one of my standards in the area. It’s Thai and done well. The restaurant is tops in coolness combined with functionality. The bathrooms have monitors in them, so you can watch the bar whilst you pisst. So that’s fun.

I’m sure you will find shops to spend time in, but why don’t you aim for maiden, brooklyn? They open at 2pm so plan accordingly.

Do you like video games? Barcade is fun for those people. I am not into it, so I am not even providing the link. is a great website to help you find whats happening there. Maybe you should check out some galleries. Walking up the grid streets will turn you on to some art spaces I bet.

There are a lot of food, bars, artistic options in Williamsburg overall. One day won’t make you sick of it. I think you will love it. Get lost and tell me what you’ve found. I want to hear all about it.

Do amazing things,
Your friend,



  1. you’re the best jeff.

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