Posted by: Orlick | January 11, 2008

Vegetarian Week – Day 4

Today I had Thai twice. I had tofu with bean sprouts at Onzon, then I had vegetarian duck at Tiny Thai. Tofu regular which was pretty good actually. I liked how it wasnt imitating anything else. It was soft on the inside and had something like a skin on the outside. It wasnt crisp, and tough is a negative term for it. It held the flavor well on the outside while being moist with more subtle flavor on the inside. tofu, hmm.

The tofu duck was less respectable to me. I am glad I tried it though. Strangely, the tofu had a duck-skin texture on the outside and I swear there was a drumstick. Does a tofu duck come whole? do they have a mold for tofu duck? I wouldnt be surprised if they do. I’ll take it flat, I could care less. It wasn’t bad at all though, I ate it happily, and will eat my leftovers with no complaints.

I have a lot of leftovers now, but I want more. I can easily go another week or two. Maybe I should be vegetarian with exception*. I could easily just reserve meat for when it will be really good. Like duck. or an unbelievable steak. Why would I ever bother with chicken? unless its fried of course. or if the chicken is roast turkey. empire. I’m not salivating over it though. I would have been monday night.

Why do pineapples make my tongue feel like sandpaper? Is it oral allergy syndrome or something else. ohh fruits!


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