Posted by: Orlick | January 10, 2008

Vegetarian Week – Day 3 – Support and BM – Yes, I’m going there

I’m definitely more regular, and perhaps more urgent. it comes out easier. smells worse – does this mean there is more bacteria? or my body is being cleaned of the bacteria? It’s not really a bad thing at all. I wonder if I will lose weight this week?

I want to also mention the amount of support I am getting. I had no idea people would really take to this so well. My V friends all thought it was cool. many of the people I work with and my family do not understand it. and also, on, I started a thread to talk about it. I didnt know how people would take it. I linked to my blog so people would follow along. I was concerned people would get on me about self-promotion… didn’t happen, and I am continuing to get a lot of great feedback. here is the thread:
Thank you to whoever is supporting me and reading along.



  1. Sounds like you’re getting the hang of the veg eating. Any thoughts about extending past a week, or going partially vegetarian permanently? I don’t think I’ll ever be veg for life, but I do try to eat as close to half of my meals per week without meat. Good luck!

  2. I am amazed. You went a whole week and never tried anything with soy? That’s like going to a pizza place and ordering french fries.

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