Posted by: Orlick | January 9, 2008

Vegetarian Week – Day 2 – Getting Used to It

my second day as a vegetarian. Not as bad. I am growing on it.

For lunch I had a Falafel sandwich from Abe’s Pitaria in Wantagh. It was pretty good. I really liked the crispiness of the lettuce and cucumbers in the israeli salad that was in it. The falafel was greenish, I remember it being more brown. Is this a different variety?

I mixed my nuts from yesterday – walnuts and these coated peanuts. That turned out really well. I brought a plastic bag with them in it. Tomorrow I will bring a full bag.

For my dinner break, I was at the mall, so I went to Sbarros. I never go there, but I was short on time. I got a spinach and broccoli stuffed slice. $4.55. Seems like a lot. The regular slices were 3.19 I believe. I remember paying 2.25 as a kid and thinking that was a lot. I guess mall food has a premium. Do you remember when there used to be a real pizzeria in Sunrise Mall? The slice was good, but that was a lot of bread to take in. Makes me think “maybe I won’t be more regular?”

I just has a snack of spanikopita and fried potatoes (or baked? I’m not sure what they are called. cooked in the oven with oil. not baked, I know what a baked potato is).

Tomorrow I intend to go to Mombars in Astoria, Queens. My friend (who is a V) is in town, and while I want to have a great time eating, this may be the perfect time to go here and keep my V week.

After this week, I think my tastes will be expanded. So that’s good.

I am gaining a greater understanding of a vegetarians life now. Now, I just disregard the meat items. It’s not even a choice for me. I can see how this may take some of the joy out of finding something to eat, I feel like sometimes it’s more like settling on something.
I recall times where I’ve gone to veg friendly places and my friends being so happy there were so many options. I can see that joy now. It’s like you’ve found a home.

My end to the vegetarian week will be Sunday. I intend to go with my friend to dim sum in Chinatown Manhattan. There is no way I would say no to anything presented to me in dim sum.

I am looking forward to the rest of the week! Today was not as hard, and I am excited to try new foods. Check back, I will post at least once a day or whenever I have time and a revelation.


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