Posted by: Orlick | January 8, 2008

Vegetarian week – Day 1 – night time

I’m at the end of the first day.

I was unsuccessful at the supermarket, but luckily I found some food in the form of leftovers at my work. namely, one slice of pizza and a greek salad. I hate olives, but like feta cheese. I sound like a scavenger.
It seems like cheese is going to be a common thread of my diet.

This makes me think: am I eating healthier?
I can see how there are so many overweight vegetarians now. I feel wide – too much cheese today… I will work on eating less cheese and breads.

Tomorrow I intend to get some fresh pasta. They didnt have any plantains at the supermarket. maybe they are not in season. I will try to incorporate spinach into my diet and also perhaps prepare what I will eat for dinner at work. Maybe a hearty salad. I like salads.



  1. i think there are a lot of overweight veggies because they don’t eat right and have no energy, and end up eating tons of sweets to compensate. this is more true of vegans, though.

    please don’t become a humorless vegan fuck. thank you.

  2. You have nothing to worry about. I hope what I’m writing doesn’t lead you to believe I’m being humorless. and I am nearly certain I will never be vegan. I won’t come to any conclusions till the end though.

  3. Im a vegetarian and I LOVE cheese! Cheese becomes a big part of most vegetarians meals and yes, that doesnt help you become a thin vegetarian. I struggle with my weight all of the time, being a vegetarian doesnt mean instant perfect health or becoming super model thin, unfortunately. 😦

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