Posted by: Orlick | December 28, 2007

Union Hall – Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

702 Union St
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 638-4400
Union Hall

Category: Pubs
Neighborhood: Brooklyn/Park Slope

I’ve been hearing about it for a while… “Yo Jeff – there’s this place where they have a bocce ball court IN the bar. You gotta gooo!!”
also, “Jeff! I went to this bar in the Slope, it’s got a library and tables, I think you’d like it there. AND, they have a BOCCE courrrrt!@”
(yes, they did say that ‘at’ sign)

So, I went… and I liked it.

There are so many different areas of the bar, it’s easy to spend time here, even if you have ADD. In addition to the stories described above, there’s a landing with tables and couches in the rear, and also the bathrooms! Here is something to mention: the main room is unisex, sharing mirrors and sinks, but the actual stalls are rooms in themselves. I went in, and felt like I was in a chamber of some sort. I could do anything in there! I didnt, but I could have…

Why do people say it gets good when it gets crowded? after midnight on Saturday it starts to get crowded. It was good way before that.

the bathroom gets 4 stars. Today I am rating the bathroom.


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