Posted by: Orlick | December 27, 2007

Vincent’s Clam Bar – Carle Place, NY

179 Old Country Rd
Carle Place, NY 11514
(516) 742-4577
Vincent’s Clam Bar
Category: Restaurants

Tell me this: What exactly makes a place “World Famous”? Who has to have heard of your establishment to be granted the World Famous title? There should be a government regulatory commission for this.

Their sauce is supposedly the greatest thing since meatballs. I gave it a couple of chances, and I just don’t get it. The other food, though, is very much deserving praise.

Whenever I see an item proclaiming grandma’s recipe, it gets my attention: the mini meatballs were great. Anything you can get fried (calimari, shrimp balls, ravioli) is better than what you can expect from an Italian restaurant (not knocking Italian restaurants, I’m just propelling Vincent’s even higher). You can have a pasta dish any style you can come up with, as per most places if you just ask. I tried the alla vodka and white clam sauce, they both make you sit and think why life is so good -> why don’t they get the “world famous” nod??

They do make it a joyous occasion to be there. It’s possibly because of the individual experience I’ve had there, but the staff always seemed extremely warm and inviting. Vincent’s is what the Olive Garden only claims to be, but it is much more so a ‘real’ Italian dinner – where they keep feeding you until you can’t eat anymore, and then you have more (and I’m not talkin bout salad and breadsticks, OG bitches).

Go for dinner and get a cannoli. THAT is one of the best.

If you have an Italian family you will probably like it here.

UPDATE: I realized I always get sick from their food. Other people I know do also. Wait a couple of hours after eating to develop conclusions and write reviews.


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