Posted by: Orlick | December 26, 2007

Fay’s Fine Food – Amityville, NY

807 Broadway
Amityville, NY 11708
(631) 789-2888
Fay’s Fine Food

Category: Caribbean

The Amityville section of LI seems like uncharted territory for Yelp. Route 110 has quite a few Carribean places from Massapequa through Amityville. Fay’s is a great example of local foreign food in our area.

The food isnt necessarily hot, but is mostly incredibly satisfying. Most weekdays have a specific special like cows foot and whole fish. Friday I had short ribs with a BBQ sauce that hit every spot. The curry chicken is nice. Skip the fried chicken – stay with the great sauced foods and whole fish.

Don’t be distressed by the “small” and “large” portion names – a small platter for around 7 dollars is more than enough for one. Sometimes I will finish the plate, maybe leaving some rice and cabbage or plaintains as leftover, but I am basically out of commission for rest of the night if I can make it that far.

You will like this if you are a fan of authentic Jamaican food and lovely ladies.

Expect to spend less than $10 and you will be very full and pleasantly surprised.



  1. fay’s fine food is truly delicious, without burning your palate. it’s very satisfying and a small plate is all you need.

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