Posted by: Orlick | December 25, 2007

The Village Pourhouse – Manhattan, NY

64 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10003
(212) 979-2337
The Village Pourhouse

Category: Sports Bars
Neighborhood: Manhattan/East Village

Walking in, seeing the big lights on the outside and hearing the real slim shady on the radio, I was expecting a frat party with striped shirts abound, ditsy girls, and didn’t even have thoughts of food. We walked in, found a few tables, and had a surprisingly good time.

The guys(striped) didn’t seem to be interested in the girls, not that they were gay, just that they were doing other things with themselves. The girls were flowers, and looked available, but I was doing other things as well… I guess. We got a table, which by the end of the night were surprisingly in low demand. I never actually went to the bar itself. My friends and I went right for the tables, and had the wait staff service for most of the night. Maybe my needs contrast with the typical crowd there, revealing our symbiotic relationship.

I actually had a great time. The menu impressed me quite a bit. First thing they list as an appetizer is a 20oz Guinness, and there is sooo much text on there with the descriptions of the food! It kept me entertained for minutes. We settled on the smothered fries. It was a good decision, they were just the right greasiness and came with a side of amazing secret sauce (spicy ranch).

Prices were friendly. Staff turned from nasty to nice after 15 minutes. There are a lot of different scenes in the bar, so if you get bored with your current climate, just take a stroll…

Somehow, by the grace of God, I liked it. And because I believe it to be divine intervention that we had such a good time, 3 stars. For 4 stars I giveth, but 1 I taketh away.

This is for you if you attracted to the huge lettering out front like I am.

oh, and kudos on going green.
Village Pourhouse in New York


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