Posted by: Orlick | December 23, 2007

Number 5 Restaurant – Binghamton, NY

33 S Washington St
Binghamton, NY 13903
(607) 723-0555
Number 5 Restaurant

Category: Restaurants

This place sucks.

Reeks of pretentiousness. They think they are the shit because they and the only place in the Southern Tier that serves wine.

I did the obligatory anniversary dinner or some other occasion here. The food isn’t refined – its not fine at all! I have never had anything delectable there, what exactly are you paying for? When a restaurant gives you a French style helping, it is supposed to have the taste to back it up. You’re supposed to be treating your palate. What they don’t understand is that the price is not based on an inverse relationship portion size.

I know, I know you gotta go b/c it’s the fanciest place in town. Luckily, the big bull closed down, or else you’d have to go there too. Spend the money on a new shirt, iron it, and go to J. Michaels. Wear sunglasses at night, do socks and sandals, cheat on your road test, I don’t care – just do not go to Number 5.


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