Posted by: Orlick | December 22, 2007

Moon Star Chinese Restaurant – Endicott, NY

3600 George F Hwy
Endicott, NY 13760
(607) 754-6778
Moon Star

Category: Chinese

My God, is this under the radar!

This is the closest thing to Chinatown within 150 miles. Seriously. It’s good. Incredibly legit. I don’t think they serve sesame chicken there. And if they did, I would be embarrassed to order it. Don’t let your friends.

This is probably not the best for the highly allergic or squeamish because the staff don’t speak English and the food is not typically American.

There is no resemblance to the take-out Chinese places we are used to. The feel is delicate, and the food is what you would expect in Chinatown or Flushing. For what it is, this place should be extremely popular. I should be doing PR for them. Someone should be! I heard this is where the asian grad students go for chinese. This is their secret place. I do feel like I am blowing up their spot by writing about it here – but I believe in educating the public.

Why the hell are they where they are though?? its strange. I wouldnt be surprised if they dishonored Uncle Jonny and aren’t allowed back on the island. They are doing their best. Thank them.



  1. OHG—fabulous!
    lived here since ’91 and this is the 1st time we felt we were eating anything closely related to Chinese food…abit biased being a nyc native.
    Ask for the “special menu”.

  2. WOW! – I ordered off of the special menu – Mongolian Beef with Brown Rice – This is by far the best I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to go back – unfortunately we live about 50 miles away so it will be a special treat to take my friends there for dinner some weekend.
    I secretly hope nobody else finds out about it – because I would not want to have it diluted by becoming huge.

  3. Absolutely fabulous food.

    They do have “normal” Chinese dishes you’d order at a take-out, but it’s jacked up and tastes amazing.

    They also have authentic Chinese food, which is also incredibly. The Beijing Duck is fantastic, and the special puffy pancakes they give you compliment the dish very nicely.

    I am a huge fan of Sesame Chicken, and I’m always hunting for good Sesame Chicken. Unfortunately, most places make bad Sesame Chicken. The one here tastes wonderful, and it has a honey taste to it as well.

    9.5/10, and the service is great.

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