Posted by: Orlick | December 19, 2007

Sharkeys – Binghamton, NY Spiedies

56 Glenwood Ave
Binghamton, NY 13905
(607) 729-9201
Sharkey’s Restaurant

Category: Restaurants

Binghamton is famous for their spiedies. Im not sure why, to be honest. Its originating from the area, yeah, but I really dont care. They make as good as a spiede as anywhere, but you should also consider the pierogies. I remember them having some good specials. A great thing about Binghamton is that if you have a 7 day calendar, you can manage to eat very well, very cheaply every day of the week.

Sharkey’s is a place I wish I would have explored the menu more when I was there. You can also go to Lupo’s for spiedies (there are a bunch of locations, slightly out of the way), but Sharkeys is not fast food and has a better dive bar kind of experience.

I could go for Sharkey’s about now. Enter through the back door.



  1. sharkeys isn’t just a place that sells spiedies in the city where spiedies originated… sharkeys invented the spiedie. fyi.

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