Posted by: Orlick | December 13, 2007

Blackstone Steakhouse – Melville, NY

10 Pinelawn Rd
Melville, NY 11775
(631) 271-7780 Blackstone Steakhouse
Category: Steakhouses

Let’s first get this out in the open:
I’m not one to normally visit a place like Blackstone. I like finding cheap eats, people who don’t speak english, and hot dogs. So when my co-worker suggested it, I accepted – for the reason why, look at my quote.

Maybe it’s the company you keep, this could be why I had such a great time.

Surprisingly enough, you are not totally paying a price for just “atmosphere” and being upscale – the food does back it up. What we ordered was done perfectly. It is a steakhouse, but somehow we got distracted and ended up with a crabcake and a swordfish, spinach and hash browns. It was some glitz, of course, but not a distracting ‘cuisine’ amount. Let’s not call it glitz, rather ‘presentation.’ I bet a steak is pretty mean there.

The staff was nice to us, but I bet if they see weakness they may hawk on that. My advice: go to Farmingdale for Mexican. But it wouldnt be that bad of a mistake to visit Blackstone. Bring money and have fun.

This is a big wallet step for me, but I wouldn’t mind going back. Am I getting older? fuck. No, actually, I mean ‘Finally.’


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