Posted by: Orlick | November 27, 2007

Corky’s – Binghamton, NY – dive bar gone by

Binghamton, NY has some shady areas to visit.

Corky’s was a bar at 165 Conklin Avenue in Binghamton, NY active until about 5 years ago. I am glad we got to experience it while it was still around…

We passed by this awful looking structure of a building one shady afternoon. It was a dark maroon box and had no characteristics at all. There was a wooden sign in front for chicken wings. Now, I am always in search of the next great food find, and to me – this was it!

We were warned about Conklin Rd. This wasnt somewhere SUNYs were encouraged to venture. I had to be fearless though – to get real, legit chicken wings only the diviest establishments can provide.

A couple of friends and I went in.. The path to enter was surprisingly long; it was a preparation for the experience that awaited the patrons. We ordered and they were surprised that we did. They let us into their cage. We were outsiders by no stretch, but at the very least, we took one step.

In the next few days, Corky’s became the stuff of legend. We were heroes! We went into the depths of binghamton, where no students ever dared to travel. People warned us of syringes, cholesterol, and dirty watered down beer. These warnings only made us stand taller.

We had to return. So we took some of our girly girl friends to our new digs. To my surprise, they walked in! I was impressed. Should we have married them on the spot? Us, the veterans, were proud to offer our friends to the establishment. Pitchers of beer, thank you. Did they check for IDs? In my mind the woman would have served a womb. We nearly tripled the population of the bar as we all crammed in to one singular booth.
There was a surprising amount of room in the bar. A depressing amount actually. Real estate apparently isnt hard to come by in Blinghamtonio. We hit the darts and it was fun! there was no one else, it was our private bar. There was just us and a few coked out drunks. We didnt make friends but I still feel we were safe.

I’ve been in many dive bars since, but nothing has ever compared to the absolute drought of Corky’s. This was not the dive bar which is imitated by the what’s cool. This was something of legend. I am so glad to have had this experience and to be able share it here – I am not sure many of the others there those nights would.


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