Posted by: Orlick | November 15, 2007

Rope – Ft. Greene, Brooklyn, NY

415 Myrtle Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205
(718) 522-2899

Category: Bars
Neighborhood: Brooklyn/Clinton Hill

I really like this bar.

Ive never been there when its been uncomfortably crowded. The general public don’t have attitudes.

The girls are normal, the dudes don’t wear stripes. People are local. I wouldn’t reckon that Rope is a destination for anyone, but maybe it should be.

What I notice when I go here is the space. There is usually open air around you, some breathing room. which is a nice change.

I haven’t experienced it, but they have an open barbecue in the back. Meaning bring your food to cook. Seems nice of them.

90 percent of the jukebox I dig. Very few songs to make you cringe, but also they have this totally unique concept – which is to play music at a level where you can talk to everyone around you. It’s refreshing. And so what if the songs are from a year or two ago -‘Take Me Out’ by Franz Ferdinand still moves me, so what?? If the rhythm moves you, let it groove you, thats what Al Green said.

You might like it here if you go to Pratt, think Alibi sucks, or just want to relax at a bar without being looked at.

I went yesterday with a friend. Bought a pint of guiness for $5, and then was invited to join a group of people (3 girls, 1 guy) to play jenga at a table. I think that tells a lot about Rope.


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