Posted by: Orlick | November 10, 2007

Peace Street Kitchen – Melville, NY

827 Walt Whitman Rd
Melville, NY 11775
(631) 424-5123
Peace Street Kitchen

They opened in October 06, but it took me about 4 months to discover it. Only recently has my find been picked up my co-workers – who now go there multiple times a week – which proves that Peace Street not only is good for the foodies but also for the plebs. This is a great place to take a person who you are not sure of their tastes yet; a little bright but nice for a fresh date.

What separates Peace Street from the rest is that they care. They care about the food, and it seems that they care about the community. They have painted ceiling tiles whose proceeds go to charity, and desserts whose profits go to a cause among other outlets of their giving back to the community.

That being said: the French fries are potatoes quartered and sliced max 1/4″ thick (2x fried? perhaps, they were really good last time). It seems like everything they make is homemade and quality. burgers and alt-burgers(turkey, black bean veggie) are great. They have very nice descriptions for their sandwiches, wraps, and dinners – and, most importantly, every meal I’ve had has lived up to its billing.

Is the menu eclectic? Possibly. With a crepe bar on the back cover, Hungarian BLT, tongue melter burger and dinners like Paprika Chicken and Tilapiccata I would say it is. It just might be what a Hungarian bistro is like.. this is my first.

Every meal has been satisfying here. I would challenge you to visit and not be content. The owners are nice as can be, prepare the food themselves, and use great ingredients, but most importantly – they care.
Crepe Menu


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