Posted by: Orlick | October 5, 2007

Super Duper Weenie – Fairfield, CT

306 Black Rock Tpke.
Fairfield, CT 06825
(203) 334-3647
Super Duper Weenie
3 stars

Categories: Fast Food, Hot Dogs

It’s a Chelsea Hot Dog stand.

It is as legit a hot dog stand as you can get. The owner has high society culinary roots, bringing that attitude to making their grilled dogs.

They use high quality everything, and the place is tremendously clean. I can tell that the onions have never been exposed to oxygen until it hit my dog, and the mustard is the non-artificial type. Many of the items are made from scratch.

The hot dogs I had, the New Englander and the Dixie, didn’t excite my taste buds too much. The hot dog itself was Thuman’s I believe, respect. Regarding the New Englander, bacon is delicious but it didn’t do much for me on my hot dog on that day. The chili was quality, yes, but blander than I’d prefer.

Fries are pretty good. It’s excusable to miss them if you go, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Unfortunately, all this sterility is a bit of a turn-off to me, not quite what I look for in a hot dog experience. You cannot call this place ‘greasy’ – it’s clearly not. It’s like the hot dog stand for good guys – for superheros.

It’s worth going if you are going up I95 and you are or are accompanied with someone who detests greasy spoons. It’s right off the highway, and its hard to miss the sign that says ‘Super Duper Weenie next exit’. I’ll go next time I pass, to try it again and give it another shot. Maybe I will see you there.

Just don’t expect a mess.


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