Posted by: Orlick | September 21, 2007

Ciao Baby – Massapequa Park, NY – Ariel’s Review

Ciao Baby
5 star rating
5074 Sunrise Hwy
Massapequa Park, NY 11762
(516) 799-5200
Category: Italian


ciao baby is awesome. It is the best thing and theres always a dj there. there is a short guy and he is always the best dj. there is really good food there. They can pretty much anything you want, even if its not on the menu they can make it. So go there today and you will love it and you will go there almost every day of your life. Please go there today and enjoy!

These portions are the sizes they serve at the Zoo – the the hippos! The pasta really is delicious. This is like BJ’s but with italian food – they sell it all to you in bulk! Great for a special occasion. It iS pretty good, hmmm….. I want more ciao baby




  1. I went to Chao Baby with 6 other people. As we arrived at the table we could hear a baby screaming. I and others in my party asked the waiter to do something about the baby screaming. When my children were young, I respected other people by either not bringing my son into a nice restaurant or bringing him out quickly when he would not behave. This couple however didn’t care too much how others felt about their baby sqreeching. After about 10 minutes I and my wife got up and walked out. I informed the management that this was unacceptable and that they should have asked the people to bring the baby out until it stopped crying. The management did nothing. I hear from others that the food was good and for this I am sorry, but no food is worth a headach. This place will never see me again. I feel that they didn’t give a hoot about how I felt and catered to the baby. When enough people leave then they will do something about people with noisy children. If this was Mc Donalds I could and would accept it but this was a upper restaurant and it is not acceptable for this type of noise. Thanks for reading.


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